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In a devastated apocalyptical futuristic world, a small society are sheltered together beneath a totalitarian system where they can balance their survival under special conditions. Everything in this place is meant to be practical, but the existence of a couple in love will awake the jealousy of the Dictator who measures no effort to get what he wants. The manipulation of some newcomer residents by the tyrant to separate the passionate couple, entails one unscrupulous compounding situation in which the amplification of the events leads to a snowball effect of actions. The Firebird, once originated to give more power to the Dictator, results in such ungovernable spirit who empowers love above all,  leading the couple and the inhabitants to a fairer world. 

Choreographer: Ricardo Amarante

Costume and Set Design: Renê Salazar

Photography: Rünno Lahesoo / Maris Savik 

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